Whole Caroline


Welcome to my site.  I’m Caroline.  If you are into fresh local organic food & holistic health then you have come to the right place!Green Caroline

I absolutely LOVE local, organic, whole food!  I love growing it, cooking it, eating it, talking about it.  I could do this all day!

So, I decided to start a summer business growing vegetables.  I have two huge gardens and have produced a lot of food grown under organic principles over the past two summers.  I love getting this quality, chemical-free food into people’s kitchens!

Natural health is my other (very related) key interest and I am a Holistic Health Coach trained through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I coach individually and offer group programs seasonally.

Although food isn’t everything, the food we eat definitely is the biggest factor to our health.  The other thing about food is that it connects us to the earth.  We need that connection more now than ever due to our crazy-busy, technology-filled, sleep-deprived lives. The best way to cultivate that connection is to grow our own food!  Of course not 100% but some.  (If you don’t yet, just get started!)

It is also super important for us to be voting with our dollars by purchasing as much local organic food for our families as possible. Not only is that better for our health, but also our environment and often our wallets while at the same time supporting our local economy. 

Bringing interested folks together is something I also love, which is why I coordinate events for a non-profit group called Southwest Sask Organics (swsaskorganics.wordpress.com).  Whether you are a consumer who is new to all this stuff, an organic producer for years or anywhere in between…I would love to meet you and have a chat.  Please reach out!

Best health,


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